AthenaHacks 2021 is officially wrapped up (well, almost official — we’re still getting you your swag :) )! Although this was our first-ever virtual hackathon, everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement made this event better than ever. Thank you to every hacker, mentor, sponsor, and judge!

So you can get the big…

Get ready to grow from where you are now! ❤

So, you’ve asked around for advice on how to become a better developer; that’s great! You’ve also probably been told that personal projects are a great way to learn new technologies and add to your portfolio. Also great — but how do you get started on something that can feel…

At my first hackathon, I spent the entire first four hours trying to come up with a project idea with my team — four hours! That can feel like years in the hackathon time scale. …

Note: This guide is geared towards beginners or first-timers!

So you’re all set; you’ve found a hackathon you’re interested in (like AthenaHacks, for example) and are ready to apply. The only thing missing is your dream team.

Not for long! Below, we outline ways to prepare your team ahead of…

Imagine the adventure that awaits inside your computer during this (virtual) hackathon season!

Imagine this: you log on to your computer and see hundreds of people greeting each other in a group chat. The person you’ve always wanted to see speak at an event is being livestreamed right in front of you! You’re getting into fun conversations on Slack and deciding which crazy…

AthenaHacks returned on April 6–7 for another successful hackathon this year full of Yerba Mates, RawRev bars, midnight boba, cup stacking, and motivated female hackers! …

AthenaHacks is coming up in just a couple of weeks on April 6–7 at the USC TCC Ballroom. Here’s all you need to know about the event!

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker this year is Morgan Mercer—founder of Vantage Point, an immersive enterprise training company. Read more about her HERE.


Technical Workshops

  • Intro to…

Neudesic is a technology partner for business innovation. They provide technology, services, and software products to organizations worldwide. They offer ESB integration platform and enterprise social software. Their HQ is in Irvine, California. They will be at AthenaHacks in person!

We’re so excited to announce our keynote for 2019…

Meet Morgan Mercer!

Morgan Mercer is the founder of the immersive enterprise training company, Vantage Point. Vantage Point’s immersive training platform leverages standalone Virtual Reality in conjunction with ML and AI, and offers training modules focused around Soft Skills development, including Workplace Harassment Training.

Mercer, a solo minority founder, was recently regarded as one of the Top 10 Female Tech Innovators in history by TechRadar and was listed as the Top Female in Tech in Los Angeles. Mercer has been featured in 4+ dozen publications including WIRED, The Guardian, NPR, The Economist, BBC, FastCompany, Vogue, and has spoken at dozens of conferences including Anita Hill’s IDEAS Summit, TechCrunch Disrupt, and the upcoming UN Women’s Summit and Fortune Magazine Design Conference. Mercer frequently keynotes conferences and hackathons including AthenaHacks, the Non-Gaming VR Meetup, and the VRAR Investor Fundraising Panel.

Meet the students at the University of Southern California behind Southern California’s premier all-female (trans and non-binary inclusive) hackathon!

The Finances & Sponsorship team — Meet Ari, Stacey, Ilona, Emily and Melanie (Erica and Kourtney not pictured)

The finances & sponsorship team works to get various companies involved in financially…


Southern California’s hackathon for women

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